Redskins fall short vs. Bengals in Week 2 of the 2019 Preseason (8-15-19)

By: Jay Quimby

Headline Photo Credit: Darrell Owens-LMS Network

The first home game for the Skins this year started off with a bang. Andy Dalton’s 3rd pass of the game was tipped (Daron Payne) and picked for an interception. Then returned 96 yds for a TD by Montae Nicholson. For me this set the tone for the rest of Dalton’s evening. For the remainder of the first quarter it was a back in forth stale mate. The other area of concern was the 8 penalties in this quarter alone. I know it’s preseason, but being a coach this is a definite area of concern especially with your starters in the game.

Redskins RB #26 Adrian Peterson had
4 carries for 31 yards vs Bengals
(Photo Credit: Darrell Owens-LMS Network)

At the beginning of the second quarter, we saw for the Bengals a change of quarterback. Bringing in Rookie QB Ryan Finley from NC State, was what the offense obviously needed. Because he lead them down the field for a 5-yard touchdown to Drew Sample. Making this a 6 to 6 contest, as both kickers missed the extra point attempts. The Redskins left in their starters from one more series and Case Keenum was is leading a good drive down the field until an offensive pass interference call against Cam Simms was called. Which I will get into that later in this article. The Bengals next offensive series was a short one, three plays it out. Enter Dwayne Haskins, on his first drive of the game he went three for three. Connecting with Robert Davis for a 55-yard touchdown. Allowing the Skins to take a 13 to 6 advantage. The Redskins went in the locker room at halftime with the lead despite the fact that the Bengals time of possession almost doubled their’s.

Redskins WR #19 Robert Davis scored his
2nd touchdown of the preseason.
(Photo Credit: Darrell Owens-LMS Network)

With the Redskins deferring to the second half, they receive the ball. There was not much action, back-and-forth until about six minutes into the third quarter. When the Redskins in their own territory turn the ball over on a fumble (JordanWillis, recovery by Kerry Wynn). Bengals got the ball and Ryan Finley at Washington’s 15-yard line lead the Bengals to a 3 yard TD to Auden Tate. Tied the game, Cin 13 Was 13. Ending third-quarter the Redskins punt the ball to the Bengals and Alex Erickson return the ball 22-yards to Cincinnati’s 37-yard line. Enter Jeff Driskel, leading the Bengals down the field to only miss a 46-yard field goal to begin the 4th quarter.

Bengals TE #89 Drew Sample scores
early for Bengals vs Redskins
(Photo Credit: Darrell Owens-LMS Network)

The Redskins started off the fourth quarter with what looked like a very promising drive. With the steam being sucked out of it with another offensive pass interference call on a spectacular catch by Kelvin Harmon. With this another punt, leaving the Bengals at the 29-yard line. J.Driskel lead an 8 play 32-yard drive where Tristian Vizcainio redeemed himself with 57-yard Field goal. With another stalled Redskins drive, they punt the ball away to a A.Erickson, who returns it 75-yards for a TD. After this, the Redskins brought in newly signed Jalan McClendon to give him some reps while still learning the offense.

Redskins #8 Case Keenum & #26 Adrian Peterson
get hype before the game vs. Bengals
(Photo Credit: Darrell Owens-LMS Network)

The game ended with the Bengals winning 23 to 13 over the Redskins. You know in watching this game it raised quite a few questions about what they called the Saints rule. There was a couple calls were the wide receiver was clearly making a play on the ball and the defender was not but it was called offense of pass interference, which I see this rule possibly changing a lot of outcomes in future games. I really think they need to revisit this rule for a little more clarification.

Next Game:

August 22 vs Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium 7:30pm